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Uplula Inserts are now for sale

I have designed and printed an insert for the Uplula speed loader that way you can simply insert it into the body of the Uplula and load it along with your other magazines rather than using the follower pin and pressing down on it. This is for those who are using the Uplula speed loader for other magazines and enjoy it. I have made them for the S&W Shield 380 EZ, S&W Shield 9mm EZ, and the Sig Sauer P365. These items are bigger and do require larger packaging so the price is as low as I can get it. The shipping is what changes with these compared to the regular speed loaders which are just big enough to ship for a low cost. As these will be almost double for shipping due to its size. Check them out in the store as I will not be putting these on eBay or anywhere else.Thanks

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