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Current update:

1. Corrupted files halted orders.

2. Started a new job.

3. New printers arrived.

4. Moving to new location.

Those four items are the reason for the delay and the taking down of items on my website and eBay. All orders that were processed before are being fulfilled and last orders will be shipped tomorrow.

I am working on a new message for selling items. Rather than posting them available at all times to stop surges of orders coming in and to make sure I have the parts printed fitted and finished before any one can order them. this will slow down the availability but illuminate delays in shipping.

I am on schedule to have all changes/repairs and updates and improvements completed by May 25. Which the store on eBay and my website will go live again. I will have updated pictures of all products along with New options to be purchased that reduce cost and provide more value for customers.

This will include 3 Pack grip Safeties, grip Safety and speedloader combo and 380 and 9 mm combos. You will still have the ability to purchase one individual item of all products but this will provide customers who are on the fence an easier option when wanting to try all three grip Safeties.

Thank you for your patience and understanding once everything is back up and running there will be also a launch of new products in the following month. I will be posting them up on Instagram And on my website blog as their launch date approaches. all emails will be responded to before this coming Monday as well.

Thank you for your time and business,

Charles Lanham

Mr. 380 EZ products

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