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Rifle Bullets


This is going to have a list of the most current projects listed at the beginning of every month. If you want daily progress or weekly progress please follow me on my Instagram, Twitter or Facebook pages. If you want to add or request a certain project let me know by emailing me. Stay tuned each month I will be adding a new project.

Nov /  Dec 2020


  • Glock 44 15+ Capacity magazines

  • Shield 380 EZ Extended Baseplate

  • Shield 9mm EZ Extended Baseplate

  • Shield EZ pistol magazines

  • Shield EZ Pistol Wall Mounts

  • Shield EZ Pistol Dummy Mags

  • Glock Dummy Mags

  • CZ Dummy Mags

  • Loaded Bedside Stand for single and Double stack Pistols

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