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Texas weather notice

Unfortunately, due to the unprecedented weather and the failure of the electrical grid in DFW over the past week. I will gladly cancel or reimburse all orders which have not yet been filled. I have been without power for 3 days now with no sign or news of when it will be back on. I appreciate those who are willing to wait for their orders to be filled and for those who have contacted me.

Once the power is back on I will begin processing the orders within 24 hrs. It will take 24 hrs before I will be able to start printing and get back to the house. Rest assured I will be making an announcement once that has happened. Thank you for your continued support.

Charles Lanham

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Current update: 1. Corrupted files halted orders. 2. Started a new job. 3. New printers arrived. 4. Moving to new location. Those four items are the reason for the delay and the taking down of items o

Glock 48 magazine

So adding another project to the list will be a Glock 48 magazine it’s 3-D printed. This came from a gentleman on Instagram so after the Glock 44 and the EZ mags I will be attempting to make a Glock 4

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😁Hi Charles, sounds like you are up to your ears in Alligators.

I just bought a new 9EZ and the grip safety doesn't release about 75% of the time. Will your medium grip safety correct this? I sent the gun back to S&W and they told me nothing was wrong with the gun. LOL, If i wrap a piece of tape around the grip to hold the safety in the gun works fine. Hope yours will solve the problem as soon as you are back in production. I need to buy a black one. Hope you are back in production soon.

Please let me know as soon as I can get one. 🤐

Jerry Townsley


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