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Glock 48 magazine

So adding another project to the list will be a Glock 48 magazine it’s 3-D printed. This came from a gentleman on Instagram so after the Glock 44 and the EZ mags I will be attempting to make a Glock 48 magazine. As always if you have a gun that you wanna hire Capacity Magazine in or an extended base plate or a sleeve to fill the gap between the frame and the base plate let me know. As always those who come up with the ideas will get the first successful and also the initial test patch sets for free as compensation. The best part about this whole process is you get what you want I get challenged and I never know what’s around the corner. This hopefully will continue as we grow and the process is never ending. I can’t thank you enough for your supportAnd patience throughout the design iteration and testing process as this has been a long road getting to our first success boat as with all good things they take time.

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