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Glock 44 High Capacity Magazine is Printing!

So the first prototype magazine is finally being printed. The first rounds of magazines will be for test fitting as well as making sure that the dimension both internally and externally are correct. This is step 2 of the process. It has taken some time but I wanted to make sure it was as close as possible before I even started to print it. This has consumed a total of 100 hours of work to get to this point. I am very proud to say that the final product with your support will allow me to purchase a better printer that can print more , faster and with better materials. This is going to compete with a factory Glock magazine while being competitively priced. The Goal is to have them up for sale in the next 4 weeks. Assuming that the new printer will come in on time. If you feel like you would like to support me and the future products please purchase a speed loader or contact me if you would like to donate. As I will be honoring donation of $15 and up will receive a free Glock 44 Magazine. Stay tuned as there is more to come.

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