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Final Phase for the Magazine Extension and Follower!

I am starting to print the test batches for the Magazine extensions and the Followers. These will both increase the factory capacity to 14+ rounds. The follower consistently will feed 14 rounds without too many issues. I am tweaking it to try and get 15. The extended baseplate increases the capacity to 17 rounds with my follower. With the OEM follower, the extended baseplate increases the capacity to 15 rounds. This will allow you to retain all factory reliability. They test batches for the baseplate will be available

on September 2, 2020. While the followers will be available on September 4th. The testing will be short and simple with nothing more than shooting as many rounds as you want with the follower and tweaking the spring length to achieve the Last Round Hold Open. The same will follow for the extended magazine. These will be easier options than the magazine. The fully designed magazines will be completed shortly after we get the follower and baseplate out for sale. I am completely redesigning the magazine as this is in the trial phases with mediocre results thus far. I can't thank yall enough for your patience and I am continuing to work hard to get these in your hands. Stay tuned and let me know if you have any questions. I have posted to most social media accounts a video of the testing for the follower design so please check those out at the Facebook page and the youtube account.

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