Taurus TX-22 Speed loader / load assist

Taurus TX-22 Speed loader / load assist

This is for the Taurus TX 22 chambered in .22 L.R. ONLY! 


This listing is for only 1 TX22 EZ magazine loader, speed loader.


This loader slides over the magazine and engages the push tab to effortlessly load the magazine using one hand and a hard surface. Make sure to add some flare to your range time.


Shipped with USPS First Class Package.

  • Returns are Accepted

    All returns will be accepted only if:

    1. Do not like the Quality

    2. If product is broken

    If you purchased for the wrong gun there will be a minimum $3.00 fee and you pay for return shipping. 

    I will then give you a refund only after I have recieved the item back.



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