GLOCK 44 Hi-Cap Followers

GLOCK 44 Hi-Cap Followers

This listing is for 1 follower of your choice. This does not include the magazine, spring, baseplate, or anything else. 


This follower is intended to replace your OEM follower and increases your capacity on a factory magazine from 10 rounds to either 14 or 15 rounds. This is a drop-in replacement.


Currently, they do not function with the Last round Hold Open consistently.

They do not have a function that assists with easy loading yet.


This is a feature I am working towards currently. This is an early release for everyone who has been there. If you were not a part of the Test batches this is your chance to get these in your hands and shooting. 


Instructions for installation:

1. Remove follower pin on Glock Magazine with a flat head screwdriver. Pry outwards on one side until it separates. 

2. Push the baseplate locking pin in on the bottom of the magazine. While this is depressed remove the baseplate. If this is your first time removing it I warn you that it will be very difficult without the aid of tools. I used the edge of a desk to position the baseplate edge on the corner and took a small hammer and tapped on the magazine hull until it walked off. 

3. Separate the Glock follower and install the Mr. EZ Follower. The retention of the follower on the spring may vary from magazine to magazine. 

4. Install the follower in the magazine. Make sure that the follower seats all the way at the top. If at any point it gets pinched in between the guide rails. Take a small file or sandpaper and remove small amounts of material from the sides or end of the follower until it moves freely in the magazine. 

5. You will see sanding marks from test fits on the 4 magazines that I use for Quality Control. 

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    These items are subject to a restocking fee after being used. The customers will have to pay for return shipping and restocking fee if they fail to communicate with the seller.

    The restocking fee is 40%. 



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