Glock 44 baseplates

Glock 44 baseplates

This listing is for 1-Baseplate. 


The baseplate which you choose will change the price. Color options will not change the price. These will fit tightly on the factory magazines. Each option can either maintain or increase the capacity of the magazine. The flush mount it a factory replacement option that can be in any color that you choose. The +1 baseplate functions the same but increases the capacity by one and paired with the +4 follower increases the capacity to 15 rounds. The +5 follower increases the capacity on the facotyr magazine with factory follower to 15 rounds. These baseplates are intended to identify modified magazines for range use and also give you a personal touch to your magazines. These are made from ABS or PLA + plastic which is dependent on what color you choose. 

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    These items are subject to a restocking fee if there is a failure to communicate with the seller. After the items have been used  return shipping is to be paid for by the customer. 

    The restocking fee is 40%.



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