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Patreon is Active

If you would like to help out and support my work the link below is available for you to support and make these projects become products delivered right to your doorstep. All the funds will be used to purchase upgraded materials, equipment and content for those who decide to assist me in this endeavor. Products will be delivered as will content and discounts. The 1 on 1 time will be scheduled and I will be answering all questions and ideas that you may have. Again thank you for your support as I work towards producing the products you want and need.


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Current update: 1. Corrupted files halted orders. 2. Started a new job. 3. New printers arrived. 4. Moving to new location. Those four items are the reason for the delay and the taking down of items o

Texas weather notice

Unfortunately, due to the unprecedented weather and the failure of the electrical grid in DFW over the past week. I will gladly cancel or reimburse all orders which have not yet been filled. I have be


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