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I back the Blue and you can to!

With everything going on right now I wanted to find a way in my very different kind of way to help Law enforcement. So after talking with my brother about what I could do. I have decided the best way for me to help them now is to make them more comfortable. This project is happening in conjunction with 7 different Police departments in the DFW Area. With their help and a little bit of work I am designing a vest cool kit that takes ac from the passenger side of the vehicle and routing it into their vests. This is accomplished with 3 printed pieces and a hose. If this can help just one officer out it will be worth it. I have designed the hook and I am working on the vent mounts. If you want to purchase one I will have them up in the coming weeks. They will be hopefully less than $30. I will need to know the vehicle year make and model as the ac vents are all different. If you would like to donate one to an officer I will have that setup as well. Please pass this along and lets get it out there to help our brothers and sisters who are sacrificing everyday to keep others safe.

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