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Glock 44 magazine extension

Glock 44 magazine extension Increases the capacity from 13 to 17 rounds. There are three varying deaths that go 13 rounds to 15 rounds to 17 rounds. Increasing the spring length by 3/4 of an inch resulted in 17 around capacity and does impact feeding reliability. As I had five failure to feedS during 15 bags at the range. This does remove the spring plate and does require removal of the follower pin past 10 rounds. I will be developing a special follower and speed loader that will assist in loading The magazine as it is more difficult to feed them in by hand. Due to the extended spring length. I am working on final design and an exact measurement for spring stretching to reduce the possibility of an over we stretched spring or and not enough. Over the next few days I will be refining the final design to make it available in the next two weeks. I will be sending out a test batch middle to late next week. To see if others get the same results. I am still working on the magazine as it is my main priority but for those who purchase more than three in the next month will be given a discount code to use for purchase of magazines when they become available. Exact numbers and everything will come out later in the week. Final price will be announced by Tuesday Of next week. My goal is to keep them at or close to $10 each and I will offer them in a few different colors yet to be announced. Please go on the Facebook page and let me know what colors she would like to see offered on the base plate extension.

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