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Glock 44 High Capacity Magazine Update

Thank you all for participating in the testing of the magazines. I have been hard at work trying to fix the failures of the first batch of magazines. This has been a great experience but in turn is taking longer than what I expected. I am developing new items and modifying the magazines further. This is staring with the printing orientation, internal dimensions, the follower and the baseplate. I am having to modify every part of the magazine. I can't thank you all for the patience and the work y'all have done. This is a big deal for not only me and that is what I am working hard to perfect. We had a small setback with the Big 44 but I believe that I will have the solution in the coming weeks. I am finishing up my last week of school and I will have a week dedicated to nothing but the development. In the next week I will hopefully be testing this week with a new designed magazine and follower. This will be posted up on YouTube and the blog of my success of failure but either way its one more step closer to the finished product. As always the more I work the better but with your support I know we can get this done. Please get the word out and tell everyone that you know. With more attention it can bring in more people which will eventually give me the support to get the design finalized and possibly move from 3D printed Magazines to injection molded which will allow the final product to be better than I can ever do.

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