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G44 Mags , Projects and Progress

Just figured I would let y'all know where I am at and what is going on. First things first I am working on 3 projects right now that are almost complete. The CZ P-07 Magazine Sleeve is almost done, Taurus TX-22 Magazine has been printed but is waiting on a spring, the Air Hook for law enforcement has moved into its second stage where I am designing the mount for the vehicle. Last but not least is the Glock 44 Magazines. I am currently about 6-8 days out from having the springs. Once those come in I will be assembling, testing and packaging all of them for shipping. If I have told you that you will receive one then you will receive a message regarding when I will open it for you to purchase. The first round will be the 15 round mags that is test Bat ch #1A which there will be 20 of them up for sale. Test batch #1B is the 22 Round magazines and Test Batch #1C is the 44 Round magazines. Both #1B & #1C will only have 4 avaliable as I will need to address the spring in both mags. Other that that stay tuned if you are waiting for the final products. The way I am going to structure i going forward will be in batches. So I will find out how many springs I can get in and when then I will be posting a preorder sale that will be fulfilled at the later date when I get the springs in and have them assembled. I understand that these will be very popular but my goal is to try and keep the orders coming in at a steady pace because of the shipping and lead time for the springs. Other than that I will only be able to produce so many mags at any given time as my printer is fast but I don't think it will keep up with the demand that may be coming. Thank you again for your support and I can't wait to get these in your guns.

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